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When you’re looking for carpet in Las Vegas. There’s lots of options to choose from. Obviously you’ll want to get your best options on price, value and a of course a great selection. So the question is where do you go to find the best price, best value and the best options on carpet in Las Vegas. It can be said, that you follow the largest flooring advertisements but this idea comes the issue of large advertisement budgets. Which means is they also have large advertising budgets they have to cover and you have to pay for in your carpet price.

Another way thinking on how to find the best carpet store is looking for a company that’s been established and that many of the local businesses use regularly. You’ll find if the local businesses are  using the company of your choice it is probably for very good reasons. The company of your choice most likely has good service, prices are competitive with big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Also if they are competitive smaller stores and they’ll  have a good selection of stock on hand.

So when you’re looking for carpet in Las Vegas instead of going to the big boxes and waiting to find somebody in the aisles, look to a local business that has succeeded and thrived in the local market.

One of the companies that we found using this criteria, was Flooring Center USA in the central Las Vegas are. Flooring Center USA boasts the largest showroom in the Las Vegas area  and they also claim to carry over 1000 rolls of carpet. They service both business, property managers and residential customers.  They have been serving the local property management business for over a decade since 1999 according to their website.

Always when looking for a great local Las Vegas Carpet Store  do your due diligence and make sure the stores meet your criteria.  Have a good look at Flooring Center USA, They are located off of Charleston Avenue and have a large window showroom you can visit Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7pm.

Flooring Center USA
4221 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 361-3700

See their flooring catalogue here


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Las Vegas Flooring Companies

Las Vegas Flooring companies offer us a great number of selections and brands. How do we tell which flooring companies deserve our patronage. Finding a great flooring selection can be the life blood to a great flooring decision. Here is our take on vetting a flooring company in Las Vegas with out reviews or first hand knowledge of the company.

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Las Vegas Flooring Companies Checklist

1. Do they Have a Facebook Page?
2. A Google Plus Page?
3. A website?
4. Can you visit the location?
5. If a contractor look for any string of issues as a pattern of abuse.
5. Size of the company.
6. Location Location Location, Is the location on a main street or industrial area street?
7. Years in business
8. BBB rating?
9. A phone call will tell you a much about a company as any of these. Ask the right questions about what you can expect with a purchase or install. They will have all the answers if their a experience company interested in servicing their clients.
10. Look at reviews. I always read reviews with a discerning eye. Are they to over the top and if there are negative ones are they short or lengthy. A real customer will want to vent and tell their side of the story. Short out burst are just angry people and Ill usually find when looking at their other reviews they are very negative people expecting go;ld service where eve they go.
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